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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Hipster Grifter

Right before I left New York in October, I met a girl who was kind of weird. I thought she was interested in me sexually, but then it turned out she wasn't. She kept calling me up, and I was like. Stop. I'm trying to hang out with my real friends before I leave instead of weird chicks.

As it turns out shes a felon.


And a notable grifter (a petty swindler.)

I made a terrible 'drunk pilot' with my friend Rich, when he came to New York. She appears in it at 1:20.

Mini Sex Cops from JoshuaHeller on Vimeo.

PS a drunk pilot is when you get drunk and come up with a concept for a tv show, each time they turn out pretty badly.

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Scott said...

oh man, there she is! Can't believe you knew/know her. After reading the article I sent it along to my brother who had a run in with a similar grifter (although not of Korean ancestry) who ran THE EXACT SAME SKAM! I wonder if there is some website where they trade "trade secrets". You have contacts in journalism, lets find out!

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